• 320mg DHA and 640mg EPA per dose to support learning, mood, memory and concentration.
    • Omega-6 from evening primrose oil providing linoleic acid & GLA which are vital for cellular communication in the brain.
    • CoQ10 a potent antioxidant which supports optimal energy production in the brain.
    • Vitamin D which contributes to immune health, normal bone, tooth and muscle health.
    • Enriched with vitamin E & Pufanox® for incredible freshness and stability.
    • Easy-to-take capsules.


    Eskimo®-3 Brainsharp is the ideal choice for anyone wishing to support their brain health, memory and concentration and who dislike taking fish oil liquids. As well as added support for cognitive function in the form of CoQ10 and GLA, it also supports other areas of general health including heart health and vision. It's particularly suitable for students or those taking exams and older adults. Taking 4 capsules daily provides EPA and DHA roughly equivalent to 4 portions of oily fish per week.

    Eskimo®-3 Brainsharp utilises the same high quality, pure and fresh fish oil used in the original Eskimo®-3 formulas, but has been combined with specific, active ingredients to help support mental performance. Comprising over 90% of the omega-3 fatty acids in your brain, DHA has been shown to improve learning, mood, memory and concentration, and a minimum of 250mg is recommended for good brain health.

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