Nutritional supplement for thyroid health
    • Provides key nutrients to support normal thyroid function
    • Healthy thyroid function is essential for virtually all body functions
    • Contains iodine, selenium, tyrosine and nine other minerals and vitamins
    • Vegetarian and vegan friendly formula

    One capsule typically provides
    12.5mg Vitamin C, 15mgNE Niacin, 3.3mg Vitamin B6, 60µg Folic acid, 5µg Vitamin B12, 1.25mg Iron, 25mg Magnesium, 2.5mg Zinc, 30µg Iodine, 1.25mg Manganese, 250µg Copper, 30µg Selenium, 450mg Tyrosine.

    Suggested intake
    Take 2-3 capsules a day.


    Please note

    May not be suitable for people with a fish or crustacean allergy. If also taking thyroxine, do not take more than one capsule a day (or more than a total of 30µg Iodine a day). Not advisable if pregnant or in cases of melanoma, schizophrenia, high blood pressure or if taking MAO inhibitors.

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